Equity Crowdfunding enables companies to sell securities, online. The Securities and Exchange Commission regulates all securities raised this way. This is not Kickstarter or Indiegogo. This is next-level professionalized crowdfunding for companies ready to break away from the pack.


Packages start at $3k (discount available). 

Each package includes:

Pre Raise:

  • Personal Introduction to portal intermediaries or Broker Dealers to get a decision on your company fast-tracked
  • All corporate governance creation, preparation, and/or modification as needed
  • Guidance on various types of securities and which may be the best for your company
  • Preparation of all legal documents filed with the SEC

During Raise:

  • Ongoing advice once raise is live on marketing, solicitation, regulatory, and corporate compliance

Post Raise:

  • General Counsel Package available. Includes general business law advice on contracts, negotiation with vendors, employment law etc. Also includes any ongoing compliance with the SEC or state authorities.


Reg A+

 Raise up to $50M

“Mini IPO” 

  • For establhised private companies with proven revenue stream and possible designs on an IPO
  • Companies can “test the waters” to guage interest in the raise before committing.
  • Securities can be ‘unrestricted’ – freely tradable upon SEC qualifacation. (Particulary valuable for Potential token sales}
  • Available to unaccredited and accredited investors.


    Reg CF

    Raise up to $1.07M

    • For smaller companies and startups looking to gain exposure for their product/service and validate their market.
    • Availalable to unacredited and accreedited investors investors throughout the US and the world
    • Securities sold through portal intermediaries, most located in California.
    • Potential exposure to hundreds of thousads of investors, media, and other influencers.

    Reg D

    Raise Unlimited Amount From Accredited Investors Only

    • For Established Companies or Serial Entrepenuers with connections to high net worth indiiduals, venture capitilasts or invesituional investors
    • Can solicti offering through online marketplaces or portal intermediaries
    • Must verify accredited investor status
    • Private Placement Memorandum
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